Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clearing and Healing Complaints, Denials and Limiting Beliefs : The Lure Of Being Secure: Don’t Bite The Bait!

I have been working on clearing limiting beliefs around the flow of abundance. Sometimes when I wake up I will be worrying about  where is the next check going to come from? I was guided to listen to Micheal Beckwith's webcast for the month of August. The theme for the month was "The Lure Of Being Secure: Don’t Bite The Bait! "    

This is about not relying on external phenomena for security. All of the corporate  media, education systems and societal and historical editors broadcast false and dis-empowering messages to us.   Keep in mind that anything repeated to our subconscious mind 9 times is accepted as truth until we wake up!

So I took this limiting thought that I wake up with and broke it down to it's components. Then I asked what is not alignment with spiritual principle?  Since Supply is always greater than Demand, how could I be worried? Since I AM created in the Image and similitude of The One Reality, how can I worry? Next, I asked my self what would my life be like with out this complaint/belief. Next, I realized that this complaint was a coping mechanism/defense for/against a truth.  I AM worthy. I AM a divine emanation of the ONE reality. I ask myself what is it I want to express? I stand within my Cosmic heart and Demand  more abundance to flow through me. I demand that more love Flow through me.


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