Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clearing and Healing Complaints, Denials and Limiting Beliefs : The Lure Of Being Secure: Don’t Bite The Bait!

I have been working on clearing limiting beliefs around the flow of abundance. Sometimes when I wake up I will be worrying about  where is the next check going to come from? I was guided to listen to Micheal Beckwith's webcast for the month of August. The theme for the month was "The Lure Of Being Secure: Don’t Bite The Bait! "    

This is about not relying on external phenomena for security. All of the corporate  media, education systems and societal and historical editors broadcast false and dis-empowering messages to us.   Keep in mind that anything repeated to our subconscious mind 9 times is accepted as truth until we wake up!

So I took this limiting thought that I wake up with and broke it down to it's components. Then I asked what is not alignment with spiritual principle?  Since Supply is always greater than Demand, how could I be worried? Since I AM created in the Image and similitude of The One Reality, how can I worry? Next, I asked my self what would my life be like with out this complaint/belief. Next, I realized that this complaint was a coping mechanism/defense for/against a truth.  I AM worthy. I AM a divine emanation of the ONE reality. I ask myself what is it I want to express? I stand within my Cosmic heart and Demand  more abundance to flow through me. I demand that more love Flow through me.


I just received two positive omens to my angelic petitions to Angel Casiel

 I just  received two positive omens to my angelic petitions to Angel Casiel through Arc Angel Raphael.  The first was for my mother for her relief from the illness of old age. The 2nd one was for me to have the strength  and wisdom for what ordeals may come.

I'll let you know how these manifest.

I just completed a 5 day water fast!

I just completed my first 5 day water fast for 2015!   I feel much better now. I have been doing water fast off and on for the last 20 years. I started with a 3 day fast and have done up to 12 days fast.

I learned about fasting from my Karate instructor Tsutomo Oshima in Southern California. He fast for 30 days every year to heal and rejuvenate his body.

This time was a very different from the previous time. The first 3 days were normal. As my body switches from using  the energy from digestion to cleansing, healing and rejuvenation; everything becomes very still.  Time for me seemed to slow down as I went through my day. On the 4th day my shoulders, lower back and I experienced a throbbing headache.  As I layed down to rest, I could feel surges of energy pulsing through my body and healing me. The next day I was back to normal.

If you are interested, here is some information about fasting.